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Mono Laser Printers

Mono laser prices are lower than ever and offer the economy of a laser engine combined with fast printing. Models range from budget to heavy duty printers

Inkjet/Bubblejet Printers

Great for low to medium usage, inkjet printers offer high quality mono and colour results and low initial purchase cost

Thermal Printers

Using a thermal head to transfer the image onto the page, thermal printers have the advantage of not requiring any consumables

Colour Laser Printers

Dramatic price reductions in recent years mean high quality colour laser print is now affordable - high usage will no longer cost the earth!

LED Printers

Similar to conventional laser models, but with no moving parts in the print head! An LED array is used instead of a complex mirrored laser system.

More about Brother Printers...

The annual usage of your printer and the numbers of users using it will be the deciding factors when choosing your printer. How many copies a minute the printer will print is especially important for many users or for larger volumes of paper. Also consider the memory which is measured in MB and represents how much information the printer is able to store and process. For the quality of the printing the dpi is the resolution and the higher the numbers the increased quality. Finally consider the size of the paper trays and how many sheets it will store, while some machines also have the added option of a multipurpose tray which facilities labels etc