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Multifunctions - Your guide to choosing the right Brother 'All-in-One' Multifunction whether its just a Printer, Scanner and Copier or with the optional Fax Machine!

What to consider when making your multifunction purchase...

The Multifunction concept, or 'all-in-one' as it's also called, is that of a single machine solution as opposed to several different sole function machines. Early all-in-one's were something of a compromise and were more 'jacks of all trades' than they were particulary good at each of the multi-functions. That's all changed these days and there are many comprehensively powerful models available. Bear in mind that the relevant 'multi' functions available in one machine are Print/Copy/Fax/Scan.


All multifunctions have a copy facility, but if you want your machine to copy in the style of a traditional photocopier then stick to 'flatbed' models. Flatbeds have a platen and lid and allow copying of books, magazines, brochures etc., as opposed to non-flatbed models which only allow copying by passing single sheets through the machine.

Inkjet or Laser?

Similar quality print results, but which technology will suit you best will primarily be decided by how heavy is your usage. That's quite a simple equation and is called TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Estimate how many copies or print pages you'll use over a 3 year period, factor in the cost of the number of consumables you'll need to run that. Add in the capital cost of the machine. Compare this TCO across different models to find the best solution.

Colour or Mono (Black & White)?

Running cost and initial purchase price of colour laser machines has reduced dramatically in recent years so colour is more accesible than ever.

Paper Handling?

Consider the paper tray capacity of different models - you don't want to be replenishing the paper tray every few days so ensure it can handle your throughput

Print Speed?

Check out print speeds in both colour and mono


Duplex or 'double-sided' print is a handy feature on some multifunction model


If you want your multifunction machine to be accessible to other users be sure to select 'Network-Ready models

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