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Printers - Your guide to choosing the right Brother Laser or Thermal Printer!

What's it for you...When deciding which printer to buy do you want mono or colour, laser or thermal?

Mono Laser printers are best suited to an office environment as they are now very cheap to buy but also offer high print speeds and low running costs over inkjet printers. Colour laser printers are now also now much more affordable than ever before and now a serious contender for consistency, reliability and overall running costs.

Big Advances in Colour

Big advances in colour laser imaging combined with market price reductions now means high quality colour laser print for the masses! Colour laser now attracts investment from all relevant manufacturers and a host of low-priced colour offerings make it a buyers market.

True Cost of Printer Ownership

So, when considering your printer purchase be sure to calculate the True Cost of Ownership (TCO).Typically this is taken over a three year period (or longer for heavy duty models). Simply work out your document usage over the period to gauge how many consumables you would use. Factor in the cost of each consumable and the printer purchase cost and you have your TCO.

Printer Features

In terms of features, consider print speed and memory size.

Paper handling capability is important too - you don't want to buy a printer with a 150 sheet paper tray if you are printing 75 sheets per day i.e. reloading the tray every two days!

If your printer is to run on a Network then make sure you buy a 'Network' capable model - sounds obvious but you'd be surprised!

Duplex (double sided print) is now a relatively low cost option so a serious proposition even for low usage.

So all in all the advice is to decide on , compare features and TCO, and make your purchase!

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